Christocratic amendment.

February 10, 2019

Christocratic amendment.

1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: [which was originally written when I was running for a seat on the city’s council,] otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5, and 77 – 78, and 81 of that article. But persons ought to know that they [and you] are responsible, [although some act recklessly,] and ought to act responsibly. If you choose to only read those seven (7) paragraphs, for your convenience you may read the page called, Preface.

2. On Sunday, December 16, 2018, I heard a preacher comment about a purpose of man being created in God’s image. He took off his shoe; and held it up. He asked us what image that shoe was made in. The audience replied that it was the foot. He asked what the shoe was made for. It was replied that it was made for the foot. That was an excellent illustration. Although many scriptures teach that we are to obey God, that simple illustration helped to make it clear from a logical point of view that man was created for God. We are under him. We are to obey and serve him.

3. Christocracy is a Christian theocracy. Although I could simply say, theocracy, because some persons to day, such as the unchristian major commercial media producers, misuse that word, such as to mean a nonchristian government that claims to be of what they call, God, I am clarifying what type of theocracy I am referring to, which is not to imply that there is more than one. But there is theocracy, and there is counterfeit theocracy.

4. Not all is of God which claims to be. The God that I am referring to is the one that is called, God, in the holy scriptures, which are the Authorized Version or King James Bible: otherwise such entities are idols; and are forbidden according to Exodus 20:1-3, Psalm 96:5, I John 5:21, and other scriptures. There is only one God. God is the Creator. We creatures are necessarily subject unto him. It is our duty to obey and serve him, regardless of any constitutions or laws or ordinances or anything else to the contrary. Lest we be unnecessarily troubled, when those conflict with the scriptures, they ought to be amended to conform to the scriptures. Persons that will not work to do that, but would rather wait for Jesus to return to cleanse this dirty sinful world that we have allowed to become foul during our watch, will probably not agree with this article, if they read it. [Some church attending attorneys, but not all, would not read a rough draft of that which is under the sixth paragraph.] That reminds me of a parable in the following scripture. Matthew 25:14-30.

5. Similary, and worse, there are preachers that do not agree with theocracy now. After reading the Bible, I assumed that preachers would be for God’s rule on the earth that he created. But after I presented a theocratic idea to some preachers, or leaders of donation accepting ministries that pourtray themselves to be Christian, most were either opposed to that scriptural idea, or some would not support it. Some preachers would put theocracy off until Jesus returns to the earth. And they can use some scriptures for that. [But the scriptures can be used to teach various conflicting things. It depends upon how they are used. A steak knife can be used to cut steak, or used (abused) to murder a person.] Some preachers use the scriptures in such a way to teach that the Devil or Satan is the ruler of the world, and ought to be until Jesus returns. [One scripture that some preachers put past many to teach satanic rule is II Corinthians 4:4, claiming that it is about the Devil, even though that verse does not identify the entity of that verse to be the Devil. And it doesn’t call him a ruler.] But after reading the whole Bible, I saw that God rules the earth that he created, and that he was, is, and shall be its ruler, regardless of what the lying Devil [Read John 8.] says about that. [Read Luke 4:1-14, Daniel 4:17, Exodus 20:1-3, Deuteronomy 11:13-17, and other scriptures.] I wondered why some preachers are not theocratic. Some preachers are of God. But some are not, even though they are in church buildings. According to II Corinthians 11:12-15 the Devil or Satan [Read Revelation 12:9.] has ministers. His ministers promote the rule of their father [Read John 8.] the Devil, who is God’s enemy, on the earth that God created.

6. Although I can explain the American constitution in such a way that shows religious (Christian) liberty, apparently the judiciary and legislature and executor need clear direction regarding that. Therefore I suggest the following amendment to the American constitution, or something like it. The file name is 2019.02.10.2a.

Section 1. (1) The holy scriptures (the scriptures) are the Authorized or King James Version of the Christian or Holy Bible, which is the old and new testaments. The scriptures are of God; and were written by men.

(2) God is the God according to the scriptures. He is the Creator, the LORD or JEHOVAH or JAH, the righteous and loving God of Israel, the person that brought the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt when the Israelites were in bondage. God is the judge, lawgiver, king, and saviour. He is America’s God. He is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

(3) The Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Jesus Christ is the Lord of the United States of America.

(4) Man is a creature; and is subject unto the Creator. God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female the Creator created them.

Section 2. (1) God suffered man to have dominion over all the earth in a way that is either according to the will of the divine person that issued that allowance, that is expressed in the scriptures, or in a manner that is not incompatible with the holy scriptures. Our rights come from God. God is the source of the instructions for us to do that which is right in his sight. We have the right and obligation and liberty to completely obey and serve God.

(2) To promote the obedience of the people to God; to protect our divinely issued right and duty and freedom to fully obey and serve God; and to provide for God’s divine guidance, influence, protection, and blessings on the Christocratic fœderal union of the several republican states of the United States of America, no thing in the constitution may conflict with the holy scriptures. If there is a confliction, the scriptures shall have the preeminence or reign. If any thing in the old testament is obviously contrary to the new testament, the new testament shall reign or rule.

(3) The Creator being superior to his creatures, all laws or legislation or treaties or other groups of words, or acts, or judgments, must either be scriptural, or shall not be inconsistent with the scriptures. If there is an inconsistency, the scriptures shall rule or be deferred to. If any thing in the new testament is clearly incompatible with the old testament, the new testament shall be deferred to or triumph.

(4) Whether there is any confliction or not, the scriptures shall triumph or trump. In any case when any thing in either testament plainly conflicts with the other testament, the new testament shall trump or supersede. The holy scriptures are superior to, or greater than, the constitution.

Section 3. The several states are free to be Christian theocratic or Christocratic republics.

Section 4. To clarify or improve the meaning of the first sixteen words of the first amendment, (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;) they mean the following sentence. The United States’ congress or legislature may not make any law or legislate favoring or preferring one or any denomination or sect or society of Christianity, [more than any other Christian denomination or sect or society] or disallowing or stopping the unrestricted or unlimited practice or application of Christianity.

Section 5. To show some of the divine authority for this article of amendment, some of the scriptures to support this article are Psalm 119, II Timothy 3:16, Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 12:1-2, Psalm 83:18, Psalm 68:4, Revelation 19:1-6, Psalm 71:16, John 3:16, Jeremiah 44:7, Hebrews 1:1-3, Exodus 20:1-3, Isaiah 33:22, Exodus 15:18-19, Luke 1:46-47, Psalm 33:12, Ephesians 1:3, Mark 1:1, Philippians 2:5-11, I Corinthians 11:3, Romans 13:1, Genesis 1:26-28, Matthew 6:9-10, Isaiah 45:19, II Kings 22:1-2, II Corinthians 3:17, Leviticus 26, Ezekiel 20:19, I Timothy 1:8-11, Matthew 4:10, Psalm 119:9, Romans 10:17, Psalm 28:7, Deuteronomy 28, Matthew 28:18-20, Romans 13, Isaiah 8:20, Hebrews 7:12, Isaiah 40, Revelation 4:11, Ezekiel 18:3-4, Psalm 103:19, and II Thessalonians 3:1.

7. Various violations of Christian (religious) liberty have occurred during the past five to six (5 – 6) decades. School led Bible reading for guidance, and prayers to God in Jesus’ name, in public schools, and the posting of God’s ten commandments on some public property, have been banned by the Supreme Court, ostensibly based on the Constitution. Although that constitution protects those religious or Christian liberties, apparently that court needs some clear guidance; for the way the first sixteen (16) words of the first (1st) amendment are written are ambiguous to some persons to day, and need to be clarified so that clever attorneys don’t deceive or mislead judges.

8. Since then the natural sin of fornication has become popular, disregarding I Corinthians 6:9-11 and other scriptures. The unnatural sin of sodomy has been allowed, regardless of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, Romans 1:22-32, and other scriptures. A sodomite union is now falsely called, marriage. And the coming impropriety is males going into females’ restrooms and lockerrooms. [I’m not talking about janitors or maintenance workers. I am talking about males that claim to be females, disregarding truth, entering while females are in there using the facility.]

9. These are occurring because of some wayward persons getting their way, rather than America obeying the way of God.

10. A restaurant and a society are not the same. Different things ought to be treated differently, such as a penny and a nickel, even though they are both coins. When they are treated to be the same, problems can arise. If one goes into a restaurant, and orders food of his or her choice, that is well. But that attitude may not be brought into society if it conflicts with God’s will. We have no right to choose anything that is contrary to the will of God that is expressed in the scriptures: otherwise we get the present America that is plaguing devout Christians, and parts of the rest of the world.

11. We, the people, may participate in governing to the extent that our choices, and the decisions of our elected representatives, are not inconsistent with the written will of God that is available for us to inspect in the scriptures.

12. Regarding the first clause or paragraph of the first section, I have suggested the King James Version of the Bible for an official usage; for my educated opinion is that it is the best translation; and we need one standard. I am not suggesting that various churches be forced to use it, regardless of my personal opinion. That is where there is a separation of church and state. [The first amendment doesn’t keep God out of government: it keeps the government out of the church.]

13. About the second clause, God’s position is supreme, but we will still have a legislature, executor, (president) and judiciary. But they are not to act contrary to God’s will. Although the government is right to protect the people, it is not to present itself to be its saviour in such a way that it acts like it is our God. It is to stay in its lane, and do its part. God will do his, whether that is to protect us if we are obedient, or act against us if we disobey him. For further information, you may read the scriptures in section 5.

14. When the states’ deputies of the constitutional convention presented the Constitution to a convention of delegates for each state for ratification, they gave a date calling Jesus Christ, our Lord, in or under or after article VII, (seven) even though they didn’t mention his name. Although it is common knowledge that that is Jesus Christ, knowing the serpentine way of some attorneys, [You may read Matthew 23.] some might argue in the future against that being Jesus Christ. But that conception, that Jesus Christ is America’s Lord, is being ignored by many today.

15. Of the first clause of the second section, we presently do not have the liberty to fully obey God, such as a restriction of the death penalty. [It is important that we get and keep the freedom to totally obey God.] The scriptures provide for capital punishment for more sins or crimes than the federal government currently provides for, such as rape, to give an example. [You may consider Esther 7, Zechariah 14, and other scriptures.] We need the freedom to totally obey God, which could assist us to getting blessed by him considering Deuteronomy 28 and other scriptures.

16. Concerning the second clause, I am not necessarily promoting states that mostly vote for candidates of the present Republican party so called. But the American union is a union of republics, or states that have a republican form of government, according to the fourth (4th) section of the fourth (IV) article of the Constitution. However, even though there is much propaganda that has been propagated for a long time that America is a democracy, which many persons believe, that doesn’t alter truth. Regardless of that, the United States of America is not a democracy: it is a union of republics. The Democratic party and democracy are facially unconstitutional.

17. Regarding section 4 of this Christocratic idea, according to my understanding of the first sixteen (16) words of the first amendment, the United States’ lawmakers or legislature may not play Christian denominational or sectarian or societal favorites: it may not prefer the Presbyterians more than the Methodists, to give an example, such as making the former free of taxes while taxing the other. It may not ban school directed Bible reading or praying to God in Jesus’ name, or displaying the ten commandments, in public schools, to give another example.

18. This conception can provide a foundation for providing legislation to stop spending more money than is being taken in (becoming indebted) considering Romans 13:8, although that is not needed to do that.

19. If this idea becomes a constitutional amendment, it can be repealed if the people wish that through their elected representatives. When I think of the improvement of America if America obeys God, which happened in the past, I think that this idea is a good way to make this country better. It is worth trying for a while. [Please consider history.] And if God blesses us for our obedience, perhaps the people will desire to keep a Christocratic amendment to the Constitution.

20. For persons that desire to see God’s will done in this country that is under God, I suggest that you read article V (5) of the Constitution, which is one sentence; then contact your federal and state representatives and senators, and the president and state governors, promoting this conception or idea.

21. I recommend that you do that for the love of God, and your children.

Edward M. McCartney
Lakewood, Ohio
Posted anno Domini 2019 on February 10.