Programmed minds.

Programmed minds.

1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5 and 77 – 78 of that article. But persons ought to know that they (and you) are responsible, (although some act recklessly,) and ought to act responsibly.

2. One of the things that I have noticed in our society is that too often there is a lack of critical thinking. Pertaining to persons which think better, some to day say about them that they think outside of the box. Boxed in thinking is a manifestation of programming, which is almost the controlling of the mind, which is not necessarily wrong if the thinking is correct. But the principle of testing that which one is desired to believe (desired by the propagandists) ought to occur. You may read I Thessalonians 5:21 about proving.

3. We have heard about being politically correct so called. Although I am not sure what that means, I have an idea. I think that it means doing that which is correct so called to be elected to a public office, which is not necessarily correct: it is doing that which is necessary to be elected. Although I do not think that I am politically correct so called, (although I attempt to be correct,) I find myself not being as open as I would like to be, because I think that the people (group of persons) has been programmed for their thinking. To put out too much information (that is contrary to the mass programming) could cost me an election, I’m sorry to say, which is not to imply that I’m presently sure that I’ll win.

4. There is in me a conflict. On the one hand there is the right of the people to know about a candidate. But on the other is the problem of a lack of proper thinking by some or many persons, which moves the people to vote according to that which they have been programmed to think. Such persons cannot handle certain information in their present condition. If some one has reasons (after going through a proper thought process) to hold a certain position or opinion, that is one thing, even if the opinion is incorrect. But if one takes a position due to programming, including the reasons so called of the programmer, without examining the propaganda, that is difficult for a candidate to oppose. But opposing the poisoning of minds must be done by someone some time, whether it costs that candidate an election or not. (I’m not the only candidate that promotes critical thinking, I’m glad to say, even though we don’t totally agree with each other.) It could help decent candidates if noncandidates work for freedom of speech, which is what I did before I became a candidate.

5. A problem is that some persons seem to be reckless, (careless) or mentally lazy. It is easier for someone else to tell them what to think, but in such a way that it appears that there are reasons for it. And there could be reasons. But when critically examined, those reasons so called might not be valid. Another method of programming is giving the people the idea that most of the people agree with the idea that the propagandists are propagating. Another method is to intimidate the people into accepting the programming. A well known example of that is calling someone a racist in a denigrating tone, as though it is wrong for whites (The racial attack by the mass propagandists is almost always against the white race, which is racism.) to be concerned for our racial survival, and safety. (Although I am not completely Caucasian, I am mostly.)

6. During these days, what politician would be called a racist? But because I know what the scriptures say, I don’t like the implication, whether it is knowing or without knowledge, and whether it is intentional or not. Other than the implication that racism is wrong, it implies that a person that is a racist is wrong. And there is a person that I know that is a racist that is not wrong, nor is the racism. That person is God. An open minded soul that reads the old testament can see that God is a racist, (and so am I,) although the King James Version doesn’t use that word. God chose Israel. (Although there is a reason for that, that is beside the point.) That is racism. Therefore God is a racist. Therefore racism is not necessarily wrong, if ever. (That is not to be mistaken for bad acts done by racists.) In the new testament the racism is spiritual, if not both physical and spiritual. God has his children, and the devil has his. See Galatians 3:26 and John 8:44.

7. Some whites feel pressured to basically give up our race by allowing it to be mixed, and our neighbourhoods to be disturbed and brutalised. But if that mixing continues, we shall become unhappy, (Read the Declaration of Independence.) and extinct. Lakewood now has a racial problem that it didn’t have a few decades ago, because Lakewood was basically one race, which was white. (Lakewood is still mostly Caucasian; but that is being changed noticeably, due to demonstrably dangerous diversity.) There are about two (2) ways of looking at this racial problem, which is not confined to Lakewood. The programmed way via the media is basically that whites are wrong (by implication) for complaining about another people or race, which seems to imply that whites must accept the continuing miscegenation, (racial mixing) and peace disturbances and crime. (But my opinion is that that is wrong, or mostly wrong.) Another way of looking at this racial problem is that one race (and race mixing propagandists) that genetically mixes with another race, (with persons of both races cooperating, due partly to egalitarian propaganda) and commits crimes against the same, is causing a racial problem, which moves whites to rightly complain (like a thief giving a store owner a right to complain). Some of the mass media programmers seem to not propagate that way, thus showing themselves to be injudicious, and adverse to our people, and security.

8. Much more could be said about not only Lakewood’s, but America’s, racial problem. Biased racial propaganda is one example of programming. To take the opposing position to that is deemed too hot for most politicians to handle. But if there is a problem, it is the job of a proper politician to handle it. Therefore to program the masses to be biased interferes with politics, which can adversely affect us. On the one hand I favour freedom of speech and of the press. But on the other I do not approve of the abuse of that right, [See section 11 of article I of the constitution of the state of Ohio in addition to the first (1st) amendment to the American constitution.] such as misleading implications, or lying, or pornography, or subverting God’s law and his order. (The law of God is severe about that in Deuteronomy 13:5.)

9. The people and the politicians ought to be free to openly talk about all subjects, (for they can affect us,) whether that be the scriptures, sin, race, finance, history, or any other subject. At this point I think it meet (appropriate) to quote the first sentence of section 11 of the first article of the Ohio constitution, which is the next paragraph (within this paragraph).

§ 11 Every citizen may freely speak, write, and publish his sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of the right; and no law shall be passed to restrain or abridge the liberty of speech, or of the press.

10. In to day’s society of intellectual oppression, that section is revolutionary. That provision of freedom ought to encourage the people and the politicians to speak out about various subjects, including but not limited to race, and the unnatural sin of sodomy (homosexuality). That means that we may disagree with the media programmers, which are not a legislature. Exercising one’s freedom of speech is part of the political process. That is how laws are proposed, discussed, and passed. Witting that some persons abuse that freedom to corrupt our society, decent persons ought to use that liberty to promote God’s way of righteousness about all things.

11. Although politicians (and the people) are expected to be subject to the present laws, legislators may work (and ought to work) to change bad laws to make better ones. (At the local level they are called ordinances.)

12. Various matters are being propagated that conflict with the scriptures. My concern is that so much of the people have compliantly subjected themselves to programming such that it might be difficult to talk about all of that at once. Freeing the minds of the people from slanted propaganda is going to take time and work. For that, truth is necessary. Some have politely (Thank you.) implied that I am extreme (unless extremely right). No; I’m not. If any entity is extreme, it is persons which contest God. They are extremely wrong.

13. Basically the way a mind ought to think is that when a new or different idea is presented, rather than be intimidated into accepting it, one ought to be free to examine it without coercion (by man). One ought to be able to prove a matter to one’s own satisfaction before accepting it. In addition to that, if it is something that is taught in the scriptures, I might check it against the Bible. But persons that have been programmed seem to lack that process of thinking about certain subjects: they basically parrot that which they were programmed to believe. What adds to that is that some of them are voters. Talking to such persons is difficult. Because they were programmed, they are basically without a foundation. If such are examined, they basically cannot handle it. An example of that is a man that I talked with that mentioned the separation of church and state so called. He thinks that that means that Christianity is to stay out of the government. He briefly and firmly stated his position. But when I politely brought to his attention that he would not listen to my side, he showed no shame, nor did he have the decency to ask. That brief conversation ended shortly thereafter.

14. There are at least two (2) different fears. One is the fear of God, (which is the Creator,) which is right. The other is the fear of man, (which is a creature,) which is usually wrong. See Psalm 19:9 and Proverbs 29:25. Although it appears to be proper to revere or fear our fathers, (See Hebrews 12:9.) media programmers are not to be feared. If they would like you to fear them, that is a usurpation; and you do not have to give them any such place in your life. If they imply that your white daughters may bear the offspring of a people that you don’t desire to be your descendants, you can instruct your daughters to stay within your people. And if the perverters of the minds of our society imply that tolerating the perversion of sodomy is okay, you may happily ignore them, or firmly put them in their place. See Ephesians 5:11. Some persons are emotional rather than cerebral about that. Although they ought to be ashamed of themselves, they have such a lack of righteousness that they are unashamed.

15. One evidence that programming occurs is the success of the media programmers of getting some of the people to stop saying that conspiracies exist. On one level of thinking the people know that they exist. I heard one person define a conspiracy to be two (2) persons breathing together. When two (2) persons or more agree to do the same thing, that is a conspiracy. Of course we know that conspiracies exist. But the programmers have gotten such a grip on the minds of some of the people that they are afraid to say it. That is mind control. Apparent evidence that a conspiracy exists among media programmers is that during various radio talk shows on various stations, mostly if not always when the word, conspiracy, is mentioned, or when a conspiracy is implied, the host denigrates the person that brought it up. (That’s rude.) I called one host’s hand on that once. When I squarely brought it to his attention on the air for the public to hear, he backed off.

16. My parents trained me up to tell the truth. Although I have lied a few times, for the past decades I have spoken the truth, or attempted to, including going against some television programming. Although that has not always set well with persons that don’t seem to think for themselves about certain subjects, I feel better with a clear conscience before God and man.

17. That being the case, I do not like being misrepresented. Since beginning to run for a public office it has been brought to my attention that some persons have been saying negative things about me via the internet without talking with me first, which is not to imply that I’ve never talked behind someone’s back. (But when I’m wrong, I desire correction. And I practise or attempt to practise confessing my faults based on James 5:16, which gives me the right to expect others to also admit their faults without being guilty of hypocrisy.) But I sometimes attempt to confront an individual if there is a problem. (See Leviticus 19:17.) Although some of what is being written about me is accurate, the way it is being presented (There seems to be an implication that I am wrong without showing it or saying it in some messages.) irks me. Some politicians take the high road by not commenting when it happens to them. Although I might join their ranks at some point, and although I don’t have to defend myself, I will here say something about it; for my credibility and integrity are important to me.

18. By the date of this posting, not one such person has called me or visited me, (that I am aware of) or left me a telephonic message, or written to me, correcting me, or expressing disagreement, concerning my political campaign. The character of some of the people to day is less than what it ought to be. (That is probably a result of banning a type of Bible reading and prayer in the public schools.) Therefore I will write the following. In the light of the ninth commandment, found in Exodus 20:16, and some other scriptures, such as Romans 14:12, if any person says, or writes, any thing that is inaccurate about me, or any one else, whether directly or indirectly, that person is accountable to the trespassed, and to God. Although I have never sued any person, and presently don’t plan to, I am glad that we have courts. But whether I use an earthly court or not, the person that false accusers ought to be concerned about the most is mentioned in Hebrews 10:31 and 12:29.

19. I don’t know if I’ll mention any thing more about that later or not. I thought it appropriate to mention that I have read some of what some are saying (writing) about me, and that I do not approve of all of it. If such are so sure that they are right, I have a telephone. They can call me up on the telephone to talk about it. I’m in the telephone book.

20. But better than that, how about questioning me publicly? Presently there is a candidates’ presentation (debate so called) scheduled for Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 19:00 (7 p. m.) in the auditorium of Lakewood’s public library on Detroit avenue. If such think that they are right and I am wrong, they may question me before an audience. If such think that I won’t talk about race, or the disgusting perversion of sodomy, or most if not any thing else, they may try me. (Of course questions are also welcome with a nonadversarial attitude.) That is to be civil. At such a meeting there is to be no disorderly conduct.

21. Know that you are not all like some which I have herein described. Some of you are open minded, willing to listen and to consider, decent, and civil, even though some of you don’t wholly agree with me. My thanks to all of you that took the time to read this, and to ponder these matters.

Edward M. McCartney

Lakewood, Ohio

Posted on September 1 anno Domini 2009.

This article was initially posted on August 31 A. D. 2009.

This sixth (6th) edition was revised on December 8 A. D. 2009.



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