Capital punishment.

Capital punishment.

1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: (which was originally written when I was running for a seat on the city’s council,) otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5 and 77 – 78 of that article. But persons ought to know that they (and you) are responsible, (although some act recklessly,) and ought to act responsibly.

2. Capital punishment, or the sentence of death, is a punishment of man against man (kind, not necessarily gender) for a sin or crime so grievous that a result of that penalty is that the sinner or criminal can never commit the sin or crime that he committed again. Other than God’s judgment, the death penalty is final. The death sentence is divinely authorized. Therefore one need not wonder about whether it is right or wrong.

3. Considering some scriptures found in the King James Version, such as Isaiah 8:20, Deuteronomy 17:2-7 and 22:23-24, (Other scriptures may also be considered.) I found nine (9) elements to executing (enforcing) the sentence of death. Under this paragraph they are the following.

1. God’s way.

2. Minimum of two (2) witnesses.

3. Public.

4. Local.

5. Violator to be brought forth.

6. At the gate of the city.

7. Stoning.

8. By all the people.

9. Witnesses initiate.

4. Firstly (1stly) it is to be done God’s way. See Isaiah 8:20. He is our Creator. Therefore that ought to be enough of a reason to execute the sentence according to the word of God. But based on Deuteronomy 28, if that can be applied to America during this time of the new testament, blessings could be a result of obedience to God, if God chooses to bless us. We have made some of our decisions that exclude God. Therefore he might make his decision to not bless us. We reap that which we sow. See Galatians 6:7. We ought to obey God because that is right, regardless of the consequence. The Israelites were to keep, observe and do all of God’s commandments. That was for their benefit. See Deuteronomy 5:29; 6:1-3; 28:1-2. We Americans can learn a lesson from the children of Israel. I am glad to say that the state of Ohio has a death penalty. But it is not being enforced to the extent that God prescribed. We can improve. Sometimes men prescribe that all of a set of their instructions are to be followed: otherwise there is a consequence. Where do you think they got that idea from?

5. Secondly (2ndly) there are to be at the least two (2) or three (3) witnesses of the capital crime. God prescribed the minimum of two (2) witnesses. Because of the finality of the death sentence, and because one (1) witness might not be sure, and lest an innocent man be put to death, and because God prescribed it, that is the way it ought to be done. That helps to keep heinous crimes nonpublic. Although that limits the criminals that may be killed, considering the first, which is doing this God’s way, if we have a comprehensive approach we could probably decrease the capital crimes. By including God and his word in our society where they belong, which is consistent with the free exercise of religion or Christianity, (rather than only within church buildings, which is a limited exercise,) we could have better persons. Such inclusion is Bible reading in our public schools, and nonsectarian religious (Christian) prayers in the same. For further information you may read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney.

6. Thirdly (3rdly) the execution of the sentence is to be done publicly. The people are to be allowed to see that which happens to persons which commit capital crimes. It can be a deterrent to others that might consider doing likewise. Publicly putting a criminal to death has been done in this country.

7. Fourthly (4thly) the sentence of death is to be enforced in the city of which the crime occurred. Not every one can travel to one (1) city in the state. But by making the sentence local, local persons that desire to see justice done can conveniently see it.

8. Fifthly (5thly) the criminal is to brought forth for the people to see. That way he can be shamed before the people. There is such a lack of shame in our society that evil has advanced too much. See Acts 7:51 and Romans 3:18.

9. Sixthly (6thly) the scriptures indicate the place of execution to have been at the city’s gate. I heard that that means a place where official business was conducted. There could be a place established for the official public execution of the death sentence.

10. Seventhly (7thly) the preferred or usual method of killing the capital criminal is by throwing stones at the criminal. Other methods have also been prescribed in the scriptures, such as hanging, burning by fire, sword, and drowning in the depth of the sea with a millstone hanged about the violator’s neck. See Deuteronomy 21:22-23, Leviticus 20:14, Romans 13:4, Matthew 18:6. For those that would run into the loving arms of Jesus, and away from the cruel God (See Isaiah 13:9.) of the old testament, the Lord Jesus Christ taught the death penalty. Remember that he is the Son of God. The Son is like the Father. See John 5:19.

11. Eighthly (8thly) the sentence is to be enforced by all of the people. Any person that would participate may. But if that is not practical, there could be a limit, and a statement read that the sentence is being executed in the name of all of the people. Throwing stones can help to relieve the frustration of the citizens caused by the grief that was caused by a capital offence. And it can be cleansing. For if someone participated in the death sentence, that could work on that person’s conscience to not go and commit the same crime. But those which would shamelessly say, Not in our name, can leave such a society, and go to a society that lives in rebellion against God, and risk the possibility of experiencing his curses.

12. Ninthly (9thly) the witnesses are to throw the first stones. They have to be sure that the one that they are going to throw stones at is the guilty person. If those are false witnesses, they shall be participating in murder. And they could then be put to death. See Deuteronomy 19:16-21. Because it can be difficult to find capital cases of which there are at the least two (2) witnesses, when those cases arise, for justice the witnesses ought to participate. If they don’t, (as though they sympathise with a capital sinner,) they can be punished with death. See Deuteronomy 17:8-13.

13. As our bodies rid themselves of waste after we eat food, so our society ought to rid itself of persons which disobey God extremely. We need to cleanse our society of those which are probably helping to bring upon us that which appear to be God’s curses, whether that is their intent or not: otherwise we tolerate bad persons, and pay a price for that by their criminal acts or sins.

14. We can do this your way, or God’s way. It has been said that if you do things man’s way, you get man’s results. But if you do things God’s way, you get God’s results.

15. Regarding enforcing the death penalty, the last part of Deuteronomy 22:21 says, so shalt thou put evil away from among you.

16. My understanding is that the death penalty, and some other matters and severe penalties, may not be legislated at the city level. But the council can make and send resolutions to the higher governments that can.

Edward M. McCartney

Lakewood, Ohio

Posted on September 9 anno Domini 2009.

This fourth (4th) edition was revised on December 8 A. D. 2009.



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