1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: (which was originally written when I was running for a seat on the city’s council,) otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5 and 77 – 78 of that article. But persons ought to know that they (and you) are responsible, (although some act recklessly,) and ought to act responsibly.

2. I think that fornication means copulation (sex) without marriage. That is how I will use it in this article. Although fornication is a popular sin, because it is a sin it ought not to be done. Presently it is legal so called by man’s laws in Ohio. (I think that fornication ought to be made illegal by man’s laws to conform to God’s standard, with the death penalty for violators.) But the state of Ohio is not your final judge. God is.

3. In the scriptures, according to the King James Version, those which commit fornication are so immoral by God’s standard that they are worthy of death according to Romans 1:28-32. That is in the new testament. Before realising that, I leaned toward a beating punishment according to Deuteronomy 25:1-3.

4. In Genesis 34 in the old testament there is a story of Dinah, a daughter of Jacob, whose (Jacob’s) name was changed to Israel. Dinah was taken by a man that copulated with her. (Although I am not sure whether it was rape or fornication according to the King James Version, it was ravishment according to the Roman Catholic Douay Rheims Version.) The sons of Jacob were not pleased with what that man did to their sister. They not only killed the man that did that, they killed all the males of the pertinent city. (There’s a lesson for municipal responsibility.)

5. According to Exodus 22:16-17 if a man copulates with a virgin, he is either to marry her, or pay for what he did. God teaches responsibility. Bible reading in public schools, without sectarian comments, could teach that to children.

6. When a man and woman, or boy and girl, fornicate, and he impregnates her, and the male recklessly leaves her with their offspring, that produces a bastard. I don’t know any mother that likes her offspring being called a bastard, (illegitimate offspring) nor have I met any person that likes being called that. (See Hebrews 12:1-17.)

7. If parents do not desire their children to rightly be called bastards, that is one reason to wait until marriage before copulating. A principle that is taught in Exodus 20:5 of the ten commandments is that a father’s sin can cause a problem for his offspring. (That ought to be an incentive to not sin.)

8. I read the second (2nd) chapter of a book by Ann Coulter called, Guilty. The name of the second chapter is, Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother. Some single mothers, and their children born without wedlock, have become a burden for those of us which seek to wait for marriage before having children, in addition to them becoming a tax burden on other fornicators. Based on what I read in that chapter, most (around 90%) of the welfare payments pertain to single mothers. I think that cutting off such aid to them could help the problem of fornication and bastardy to wither, and hopefully to disappear.

9. I also read that bastards are more likely to commit crimes than sons born to married parents. That chapter indicates that about 80% of the prisoners are bastards. Fornication is costly. It is not the responsibility of a society to support immorality, which leads to crime. It is the responsibility of a society to promote morality, and to punish those which do bad acts, such as immoral fornicators. See Romans 13:3-4. Children not only need their mothers, they need their fathers too. Fathers ought to teach their children about the one that is superior to us all, that laid down a good law. See Deuteronomy 6:1-9.

10. According to I Corinthians 6:9-10 fornicators shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Therefore a government that cares for the people ought to forbid the immorality of fornication as it forbids any other sin or untoward act, such as stealing or murder. (Governments don’t have to be ungodly. We may have godly governments, regardless of unchristian propaganda to the contrary.) Allowing fornication sets a standard so called that is lower than God’s. Banning fornication, and providing an harsh penalty, can instruct both children and adults that copulation without marriage is immoral, wrong, and bad. Such a prohibition could exalt our society. Such a society should be better, moral, and safer. And we’d have more money to handle some matters that we presently cannot afford to handle. [Going into debt by borrowing with usury (interest so called) is part of the problem. See Exodus 22:25.]

11. The natural attraction of a man to a woman and a woman to a man is to be properly satisfied within marriage. See Hebrews 13:4. Too many to day seek instant gratification without considering consequences. Some complain about the government being in the bedroom. But sometimes what happens in a bedroom produces a product that enters our society, commits crimes, victimises the people, and goes to prison. (And that is the government’s business.) And who pays for that? The people that either choose to have a society that ignores God’s standard, or are allowing our society to be dechristianised, or those of us that know better, because we have to pay taxes. It can be less expensive to live by and enforce the Bible.

12. Children are to be trained up by both parents (father and mother) according to Proverbs 1:7-10 and 22:6. For the love of the children, parents ought to marry before having children. Some believe that sex is okay concerning consenting adults. Although some politicians heed that, for adults are voters, God did not consent. I am more concerned about what God’s will is than some voters’ will. Considering a desire to copulate without the responsibility of marriage, some would find it convenient to claim to be atheists, or to choose a god other than God. See Exodus 20:1-3.

13. For the love of the woman a man ought to wait until he marries her before taking her to bed: otherwise he cheapens her. And to be dignified, a woman ought to make a man wait until marriage before he copulates with her: otherwise she could make herself appear to be cheap, which could lead to other problems (like not being treated as well as she would like). Some women are worth waiting for.

14. Although a man ought not to abuse a woman, if a woman cheapens herself by committing fornication, she loses the right to expect to be treated like a lady. A man is more likely to treat a woman like a lady if she acts like one.

15. Although a man ought to control himself, women can help us men by dressing modestly, such as not showing cleavage, not showing much of their legs, and such things. When women display too much of their bodies, they could appear to be advertising for sex, which makes them appear to be less than that which some of them are.

16. When a woman dresses in a seductive way by showing more flesh than is modest, and acts accordingly, I am as attracted to that as the next man. But that is a low attraction. That is not the type of attraction that is for marriage.

17. When a woman dresses and acts modestly, that makes her more attractive in a higher way. I think more highly of a woman when she attires herself in such a way, and acts properly.

18. I have a story to tell about seeing a modestly attired female when I was aged 26 years. I won’t give all of the details, which are beside the point.

19. In October of 1985 I was with a group on a tour of the land of Israel, and some other countries of the near east and mediterranean area. We were in Jerusalem, and I was looking for a restroom. Someone directed me to a building. (Since then I have come to think that it was an Islamic school for girls.) The stairway seemed old, like something that one might have seen a few hundred or thousand years ago. As I was ascending the stairway, I saw a young modestly attired woman, which I took to be a Muslim. I think that she was probably reading a Qur’an by an opening in the stairway, which let light in. I attempted to ask directions; but spoke English. I suppose that she spoke Arabic. I don’t remember her face well. But I think that it was okay. I think that the only skin of her body that I saw was her face and hands. I think that she was wearing a long black garment, with various colours. Her comportment was modest and chaste. I was struck by her modest beauty. It was almost like I was transported back in time about two thousand (2000) years ago.

20. Other than seeing some biblical places, that was one of my fondest memories of my trip to the land of Israel.

21. I am glad that I am an American Christian. But I think that some of my countrymen and women are some of the most ignorant persons on this earth. (Don’t mistake that: I care about you.) Some seem to think that the only way to think is an American way. Having travelled to other countries expanded my mind. Not every one thinks the way Americans think. Too many Americans have accepted too many things in life that are shallow and inferior. Some of the men have settled for shallow seductive immoral women. And some of the women don’t take sufficient time to work on their character. Why spend the time personally improving when they can stay in shape physically, (not that I’m against that) wear facial makeup, tight fitting clothes, low cut tops, and get breast implants?

22. I’ll tell you why. Because about half (1/2) of America’s marriages end in divorce. A personal foundation is better than that which is only about an outward appearance. (I like looking at outwardly attractive women: but there’s more to a woman than what meets the eye.)

23. Some of you American women have little or no idea how attractive you can be. But it takes time, study, and work. If you take the time (about 20 – 25′ per day) to read the Christian Bible of both old and new testaments, you could rid yourselves of your silly nonjudgmental attitudes that some of you have, and defer to others. If you treat others the way you would be treated, with kindness, and be submissive rather than selfishly demanding, you can attract decent men. Consider Matthew 7:12, I Corinthians 11:3, and Ephesians 5:22. I like it when girls dress and act like girls, and when women dress and act like women rather than harlots, or otherwise. See Proverbs 7:10, Deuteronomy 22:5, Jeremiah 3:3, and I Timothy 2:9-10.

24. Some of you American men ought to do some of the same. You also ought to read the Bible, and learn how to be better persons. What male wouldn’t go after a female with well developed breasts that is willing to show you her cleavage? Some of you seem to think that if you openly display your lust for such women that you are manly. Try abstaining from that. It’s not easy, boys. It takes a man to resist some of the women. And, honestly, it probably also takes God’s grace. You ought not to dishonour your girlfriends by going to bed with them without marriage. Be more concerned about her dignity than your selfish lust. If she won’t make you wait until marriage, she ought to. And if she won’t wait until marriage, you ought to have sufficient dignity, and care for her, to teach her to do so by either refusing, or moving on to a woman that has higher morals. (I’m sorry to say that there doesn’t seem to be many out there in modern unscriptural America.)

25. God is reasonable. See Isaiah 1:18. Man was created in his image (although man subsequently fell). How about following God’s leading by being reasonable? (Not all men or women are reasonable.) Consider two (2) persons. One commits fornication before marriage, and the other seeks to remain a virgin for his or her spouse. Which of those do you think is more likely to remain loyal to his or her spouse after marriage?

26. If you would like your spouse to be loyal to you, how about showing yourself to be worthy of such loyalty by either remaining a virgin for marriage, or abstaining from fornication until marriage? If you would discover whether your boyfriend or girlfriend is attracted to you, or simply seeks to use your body for his or her carnal pleasure, you might question that person about abstaining until marriage.

27. The more that both men and women act properly, the better the world that we live in can be. Perhaps some day we will get persons to run for political offices that will tell you to your face that they will serve God before they serve you. See Joshua 24:14-15, and other scriptures. And by so doing, they shall be better rulers. See II Samuel 23:3-4. Don’t you desire better rulers? I do. That’s one reason why I ran for a public office.

28. But you have to show yourselves to be a worthy people. Godly candidates are not likely to be elected if the people are ungodly. You are getting the politicians that you deserve (which is not to imply that they are all equally bad). You complain about the politicians lying when some of you are liars. America was a moral country. We ought to look at our immorality, recognise it for what it is, correct it, and become a moral nation like we were.

Edward M. McCartney

Lakewood, Ohio

Posted on September 11 anno Domini 2009.

This sixth (6th) edition was revised on December 8 A. D. 2009.



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