1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: (which was originally written when I was running for a seat on the city’s council,) otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5 and 77 – 78 of that article. But persons ought to know that they (and you) are responsible, (although some act recklessly,) and ought to act responsibly.

2. Race is a subject that most politicians avoid like swimmers avoid sharks, unless they take the media approved position of egalitarianism and miscegenation. But it affects us. Therefore I intend to honestly confront you about some of it. In my effort to clean up the word, politician, I say that that (handling hot topics) is the job of a proper politician. (The rough draft of this was written when I was running for a political office.)

3. But before you go and have an heart attack on me, calm down if you’re excited, get a cool head if you can, don’t prejudge, (Prejudging is prejudice.) and think about principles. I recommend that you consult James 1:19-20.

4. If you can clear your mind about the subject of race, and that which you have been programmed to think about it, I might be able to communicate with you: otherwise you might feel more comfortable watching television, and thereby be further programmed. That is preferable for the reckless, and mentally lazy.

5. Let’s be simple. If you become aware of something that you think is wrong, or unpleasant, or that makes you unhappy, do you think that it is right to talk about it, and think that possibly something ought to be done about it? If you do, that simple concept is called a complaint, and redressing (rectifying) grievances. See Deuteronomy 25:1, and the first (1st) amendment to the American constitution. And if you are part of the vast majority of Americans that has never read The Declaration of Independence, you could be improved by reading that too.

6. Proceed no further until you have grasped the simple concept of the previous paragraph. When you have, you may continue. If you understand paragraph 5, have you wondered about whether media programmers have the authority or right to imply that which you may think about or not, and what opinion you may have or not? If you have given them that place in your life, proceeding further in this article might be upsetting to you; for it is designed to counter some of the ideas that you have been programmed to think via the mass media.

7. If you have the ability to clear your mind of the programming that you been given about race, and if you have the courage to open your mind to information that you might not have previously considered, you may proceed: otherwise you might not like this article. Therefore before going forward, I recommend that you clear your mind of what you have been led to believe about race, to the extent that you can, and open your mind to consider some information that you might not otherwise have considered.

8. Firstly face your programming. Many of you have been programmed to believe that the races are equal, that about the only difference is skin colour, (which is too obvious for programmers to cause you to avoid; but they’re working on it,) that various races have to live together, that it is okay to genetically mix the races, and that any person that opposes any of those tenets is a racist, and is therefore wrong. [Some of the programming is subtil (subtle). Some could involve a facial expression of a television character that you like. That decades’ long programming is obvious to those of us that are old enough, and observant.]

9. Assuming that most of you have accepted those tenets, have you done so without critically examining them? Have you contested others that disagree with those tenets without listening to them? If you have, in principle you ought to be ashamed of yourself: for you are guilty of prejudice. See Proverbs 18:13 in the King James Version.

10. Before going further, consider what occurs in a court room, which is not to imply that American courts are always run in a flawless or godly manner. The prosecution makes an accusation against a defendant, and attempts to prove that claim by providing evidence and testimony. Consider I Thessalonians 5:21. And the defendant has the opportunity to present his side. The jury is to consider both sides before making a decision.

11. If you don’t grasp that previous paragraph, go over it until you do. When you do, if you do, you may then proceed.

12. When a problem arises, you have to be able to see or identify it to solve it. If you cannot, you are not likely to be able to solve that problem.

13. Although you have probably accepted the propaganda of racial equality, have you examined that by considering the other side? Have you read racist so called (nonegalitarian) literature? If you have, can you prove that it is wrong? (Although it might contain some typographical errors, that is beside the point.)

14. Don’t be afraid to do that. (I did it, and am doing it.) If you have the truth about race or any other subject, it shall stand a test. (See Zechariah 13:9.) But if you don’t have the truth, a trial can make manifest that your belief is wrong, and ought to be amended. If you don’t care about truth, you are probably wasting your time reading this article. But if you are presented with an erroneous teaching, you ought to be able to prove it to be wrong. Accept what is proven to be true, whatever it is, and reject falsehood, even if your friends (so called) believe otherwise. If you can do that, that shall help to build in you a proper character. A proper character is one of the elements that we need to pull us out of the present situation that we find ourselves in (pertaining to various subjects).

15. One of the errors propagated is promoting colour blindness. But blindness is condemned in the scriptures. (Consider Revelation 3:17.) If you have allowed yourself to be programmed to be colour blind, then you cannot see a certain problem that is associated with colour. (If you have allowed yourself to be trained to not see a problem that exists, how do you expect to solve it? Are you expecting others to solve your problems for you, and perhaps get some unpleasant reactions, so that you can live your life in comfort and ease?)

16. Did the thought occur to you that colour might be a way of identifying for a reason that you might not presently know? Some cars are the same, save (except) the colour of paint. If you think that the only difference there is of different races (nations) is skin colour, I don’t think that you are ready for this article. Skin colour, or other racial indicators, can be like a label. I worked with ammonium hydroxide. It appears to be exactly like water. But being a refrigerant, it can cause frostbite. It is therefore proper that it be labelled for you to discriminate for your protection. So races are identifiable.

17. If you don’t read the Bible, there are probably some things that you are unaware of. One thing is that when a people disobeys God, he can judge them, and has done so. There are various ways that God has judged. Divine judgment can be by earthquake, flood, drought, famine, fire, strong wind, national invasion, or national (racial) affliction.

18. Regarding national or racial so called affliction, if you have allowed yourself to be made colour blind, then you probably cannot see a problem before you.

19. But if you have the courage to use your eyes, and process the information that enters them, and are unhappy with what you see, you then could be so situated that you can identify a problem, which could lead to a solution.

20. If a city commits fornication, that could lead to sodomy. If a city commits that homosexual sin, that could lead to God’s judgment, such as national or racial affliction, or worse, such as fire. Consider Joshua 23, Judges 2 and 3, and of course Genesis 19. I watch this country, that allows the practise of the sin of sodomy, express its concern about terror, and being struck by a nuclear bomb. (See Leviticus 26:14-20, and Zechariah 14:12.) If governmental office holders (officers) would search the scriptures, take them seriously, and heed them, (Apparently some bad Supreme Court decisions have given some governmental officers the impression that they may not heed God. Therefore in the interest of national security, some of those ungodly decisions shall probably have to be ignored if they are not overturned soon, or if there is no appropriate amendment provided.) and if the people obey God, that might help America. (Consider a principle taught in II Kings 21:7-16. I hope that America can learn a lesson from what the Israelites went through.)

21. If mass programmers propagate propaganda that results in the genetic mixing of your people or race, did the thought occur to you that someone would like you to become extinct?

22. If one race among you seems to be more violent than your own people, they probably are. And if you read the scriptures that I suggested, you might see that the racial affliction could be for a reason of divine judgment.

23. If a race can be shown to be a problem, and persons of that race don’t like their race being identified to be a problem, those persons are not of the truth. (Consider John 18:37 and I John 3:19.) When a group acts untowardly, covering up its sins makes the problem worse. But exposing their errors amongst themselves can help them to improve. See Isaiah 1:1-4,21.

24. One such example of that principle is criticising America. Some are against that, like America is sinless. Such thoughtfully critical persons are contested by being called unamerican or antiamerican, as though correction is wrong. A patriot will correct his country because he desires its improvement. (Did you learn any thing from the American revolution?) Those which contest such criticism are not part of the solution: they are part of the problem. Identification of a problem, and the issuance of correction prevent (precede) solving a problem.

25. When a racial problem arises, in the light of the scriptures a city or society ought to examine itself to wit if it could be divine judgment. If it is, the people ought to read the scriptures, and amend (correct) their lives. If they get a mind, character, and will to do that, they then might have the same to then handle other problems, whether they be racial, or otherwise.

26. What do you call a God that chose a people rather than others, and exalted them above the others? (Although there of course is a reason for that, that is beside the point.) If you answered, racist, you are correct, although that word is not in the Bible. But do you think that that racism is necessarily wrong? If you do you could have been programmed, and you therefore think that God is wrong. If that is what you think, and for that reason, are you willing to be more loyal to media programmers than to the one that you shall give account of yourself to according to Romans 14:12? If you are willing to be more loyal to creatures than to the Creator, you are guilty of idolatry, and ought to be deprogrammed, and have your mind cleansed. (See Romans 1:25, Exodus 20:1-3, and I John 5:21.) For that I suggest that you read the scriptures. See John 15:3.

27. Some persons have been trained to think that race ought to be disregarded. That’s in modern American laws (which are not God’s law). I think that that was probably a result of mass media programming. I suppose that some persons that belong to a lower race, that won’t accept their lot in life, seek to be connected to an higher race, that they might improve themselves through their mixed offspring (which lowers the higher race or people). I suspect that that could be a reason for some of the interracial rape. (Such a crime is one reason why our society ought to be open to talk about race.) But some persons that belong to an higher race, and are aware of that, and that care about their people, seek to preserve their race or people by staying apart from a lower form of life. (But to do that, they have to have the strength of character to think outside of the programmed box, and to withstand being denigrated.) And not only is there nothing wrong with that, that is commendable when considering the intimidation that they are given through the abused mass media.

28. I promote open orderly civil polite peaceful public discussions about race without fear. (About that, I am not limiting it to, if including, the standard egalitarian or antiwhite rant.) If one is too afraid of that, then such an one probably does not care sufficiently about his people. (Consider Revelation 21:8.) But that is not to approve of intimidation. Although I favour freedom of speech and of the press, I do not approve of their abuse.

29. To look at that, regarding principle, consider the intimidation of a witness. That interferes with due process, (See John 7:51.) which could corrupt justice. Similarly because race affects us, we ought to have the liberty to freely discuss it without fear or intimidation. Therefore I think that biased media programming which is apparently designed to intimidate one side into silence is adversely affecting our society; and that ought to be stopped. If it is necessary I think that such propaganda ought to be prohibited, and that violating propagandists that intimidate a side into silence probably ought to be punished, especially when I consider the violent racial crime that has been allowed to infect America’s major cities, due in part to weaklings that are afraid of being called, racist.

30. Some bad effects have occurred due to persons being cowardly. Because the people, and consequently the politicians, have become so afraid of being called racists, our white cities have been turned into playgrounds for nonwhite criminals that have become so dangerous that it has caused white flight. I have been a coward. I don’t like being a coward. Some times when I think that I ought to speak up, I don’t always do that. But other times I do. And when I do, I feel better, like I’ve done a duty. And by that I hope to encourage others to do likewise.

31. God is not pleased with cowards. (He is aware of the damage done by cowardly decisions.) He has a hot place prepared for them, which are called, fearful, in Revelation 21:8. Witting that God condemns the fearful, both the people and the politicians, (and let’s not forget the preachers,) ought to speak up about race, and other subjects about which they are afraid to speak. If you think that the whites in days gone by had no reason to have some of their racial policies, you are ignorant: they weren’t. And some of you might be learning what they knew. It’s not wrong to seek to dwell by ourselves. Consider Numbers 23:9.

32. Apparently Ohio’s Lakewood was kept basically white for a reason, one of which was safety. We, at around 50,000 souls, have more police officers now (The last that I heard there were around 104 police officers.) than we did a few decades ago when we had around 70,000 souls in the city. When there is one race, there is little or no racial problem. (But some desire diversity. Is it right to allow a city to be racially and financially destroyed to please some selfish and inconsiderate, or misguided, souls?) But now Lakewood has a racial problem. White flight is occurring, which diminishes the taxes that the city collects, which decreases services. (To not talk about race is detrimental to our city. For if a problem is not talked about, it cannot be solved.) That ought to cause you to think.

33. And keeping the city from being genetically mixed is natural, which you of course have been programmed to reject. If you are more concerned about being called a racist than you are of the safety and racial completeness of your people, you are selfish, inconsiderate, and fearful, and are therefore displeasing God. You’ll probably be more comfortable joining the white flight, which doesn’t solve our problem. And for those that left Lakewood, they probably bought themselves more time. But unless the problem is solved, either they shall probably see a racial problem in their future, or it shall probably befall their descendants. [And if they allow that to happen, that is showing them a lack of consideration. The founding fathers of the American republic sacrificed their lives for their descendants. (Consider what Christ taught about that regarding friends in John 15:13.) But some unbiblical modern Americans would selfishly and inconsiderately sacrifice their children’s future so that they can live their present lives in comfort and ease. See II Kings 20:18-19.] Therefore the right thing to do is to bravely seek to face and solve this continuing problem rather than run from it.

34. But you have been trained to think that you may disregard God in the real world. The United States’ Supreme Court’s decision to ban a certain type of Bible reading in public schools has helped to produce a population that is ignorant of the scriptures. Consequently the politicians are seeking to please a somewhat ignorant and unscripturally programmed people (voters) rather than God, which has resulted in the country going astray. (When a recipe is changed, the product is changed.) But in the scriptures the Israelite kings were judged based on whether they pleased God or not, such as II Kings 21:1-2 and 22:1-2.

35. If you have an open mind, and care about your people, you might be encouraged to read about some brave men, one of which was Joshua, and the children of Israel, in the biblical book of Joshua. But it might be a bit rough for some of you with programmed minds. (Concerning the unnatural programming, whites are being trained to accept our racial mixing, which could lead to our extinction. And some persons are apparently feeble minded enough to accept that. Such racially destructive programming ought to be banned, with a penalty for violators. Being conservative isn’t working. Ground is being lost. To regain lost ground requires being offensive. That is how athletic teams and armies win contests.) If whites should do to day what Joshua and the Israelites did during their day, to day’s whites should (shall) be denigrated by being called racists, and said to be guilty (a word that might probably be used by the media mind programmers) of poliscide, (the killing of a city) so called by me, if not genocide. (God doesn’t think as highly of the disobedient cities or nations as they think of themselves. Consider Genesis 19 and Psalm 9:17.)

36. Not every one can handle the Bible. But after the Israelites did some ethnic cleansing of the land of Canaan to make it the land of Israel, [after God (the Creator, or landlord if you will) gave it to them, after the heathen people that were in the land of Canaan displeased God,] the children of Israel were given rest by God. Search the scriptures. But some of to day’s males have been despined. Therefore certain parts of the Bible might be a bit much for such males, especially the males that have accepted the training that the Bible is not to be applied to the real world.

37. Another brave man that you might read about is Stephen Decatur and the Barbary pirates. Mister Decatur was an American. As the Israelites fought against another people for their people under God, so Stephen Decatur fought against another people for his people. But to day’s Americans are trained to think in a geographical and political sense rather than racially. [Being racial is natural. We ought to ban the racially destructive propaganda, (which does not merit first amendment protection when the consequences are considered,) and punish the propagators that are racially and financially destroying America if the ban is violated. American minds need to be restored to sanity by godly and natural thinking, which was called common sense when I grew up in Lakewood during the 1960s.]

38. As a person has a right to speak derogatorily of an individual, such as a criminal, that has acted badly, so a person has a right to speak derogatorily of a race that has acted badly. Read the Bible. (That’s the book that can solve some if not all of our problems that some of you have been trained to not take seriously.)

39. When I consider the price that some have paid here in America, such as a loss of income or otherwise, for attempting to freely express themselves regarding race or some other subject that is unapproved by the mass media propagators, (like they are our lords,) whether derogatorily or otherwise, (such as speaking in favour of marriage,) that is a grievance that ought to be redressed. Being punished for honestly expressing one’s self, and issuing truth, is inconsistent with the constitutions of Ohio (section 11 of article I) and America. What is worse than that is that it is not consistent with the God given liberty to propagate truth according to the scriptures, such as Leviticus 19:11, Zechariah 8:16-17 and II Corinthians 3:17.

40. More about race could be written. If you are interested in knowing more, you may search the scriptures, and see that some of the currently prevailing mass propaganda is different than some of that which is in the scriptures about race, and some other subjects. If you don’t presently have the time to read the Bible, how about omitting some television viewing? Did you know that the founding fathers of the American republic did not have television when they searched the scriptures, and overthrew the British? Can you overthrow the erroneous television programming that dominates the minds of some of you?

41. Whether a problem is racial, or otherwise, if you set aside the time to relieve yourself of your lack of biblical knowledge, (for those that that pertains to,) and look at some of America’s problems in the light of the scriptures, you might see that those problems might be divinely designed to cause us to examine ourselves, see our sin, (mine too) and move us to obey God’s will that is expressed in the scriptures. (Don’t underestimate God’s power and willingness to judge. See Isaiah 13.) Although I am not against that which God commanded his people during the old testament, I prefer to initially offer peaceful and legislative solutions (which could include a constitutional amendment) to our problems. If a peaceful solution fails, a racial war could be placed on the table for discussing to protect and provide for our people. But we, and all races, initially ought to obey God, which is a spiritual relationship: race is physical.

42. The idea of forcing different races to live together is probably not the best. (Ezra 10:2-3,10-12 are five verses for your consideration if you don’t have the time to read the tenth chapter.) Different races can live separately, and worship God. [Consider that Isaiah 66:18 mentions nations, meaning that they are separate and not mixed. They were or are to be gathered to see God’s glory, not to mix their seeds (not to copulate and mix their peoples or races).] Presently we have racial disturbances in America, not just in Lakewood. Based on a principle taught in I Corinthians 7:15, (The superficial teaching is about divorce.) God has called us to peace. Some history to ponder is the American Colonization Society, and the founding of Liberia.

43. We ought to have peaceful discussions about all of our problems. Freedom of speech is necessary to propose a matter, to discuss it in a committee where it is worked on, and to either pass it, or reject it: otherwise the legislative process can be tainted, and our problems allowed to fester. Another similar problem is legislatures that ignore, or basically ignore, valid concerns expressed by concerned citizens, which apparently is what is happening now about some problems, such as the free exercise clause, (the 11th through the 16th words of the first amendment to the American constitution) sodomy, race, and white flight. (Caucasians leaving Lakewood is mentioned; but the politicians avoid publicly mentioning the racial element.) I think that that chain might have led to a lack of sufficient money, and consequently governmental cuts of some services which you desire. [It helps to assay (attempt) to connect the dots. My opinion is that it goes back to disregarding and disobeying God.]

44. But firstly we all need to obey the God of Israel and the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, not to get what we desire, but because it is right regardless of the consequences. Then hopefully we can discuss solving the racial problem, and other problems that aren’t being discussed or considered, in the light of God’s word. See Psalm 119:105.

45. Thanks to you for taking the time to read this, and to ponder these matters. I don’t believe that all of you are closed minded. I think that some of you simply needed someone to say publicly some of what you have been thinking. That helped me when someone else did a similar thing that I’m doing. Therefore I’m attempting to help you, and our society.

Edward M. McCartney

Lakewood, Ohio

Posted on September 16 anno Domini 2009.

This fourth (4th) edition was revised on December 26 A. D. 2013.



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