1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: (which was originally written when I was running for a seat on the city’s council,) otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5 and 77 – 78 of that article. But persons ought to know that they (and you) are responsible, (although some act recklessly,) and ought to act responsibly.

2. Solving problems is best when it is done rightly. I have learned that to do a job rightly is best when it is done God’s way. Because I care about women, (some more than others) I would handle this problem God’s way. Some of what I have to bring forth is not going to be easy to write, or for some of you to read. But then I understand that rape is not easy for a woman to go through. Other than dying without Christ, and being damned to a burning hell, I think that rape is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman.

3. What is necessary to rightly handle a matter is truth in addition to handling it God’s way. See Isaiah 8:20 according to the King James Version.

4. Because America has departed from the scriptures so much, some of what I have to write might not go down smoothly. But because teaching God’s way has to be done, I intend to do it whether readers like it, or not, I’m sorry to say.

5. I think what I’ll do is cite a scripture, give a brief explanation. Then if you can stay with me, you might be able to proceed.

6. One of the most difficult scriptures in the Bible about ravishment is the thirteenth (13th) chapter of Isaiah. If you can learn about it, and still are willing to continue reading this, then perhaps you might be able to grasp my explanation, although you might not completely agree with it.

7. Some of what I have to write might be hard to follow. Some times things were prophesied in the Bible that were to shortly come to pass. Other things are not to be fulfilled until some time in the distant future. Other things seem to have both a nearby partial fulfillment and a distant fulfillment, and can be applied during various periods of time. I suspect that that is what is in Isaiah 13. Superficially it was about Babylon. But I think that it might have an application to day to a society other than Babylon.

8. Firstly I suggest that you read that thirteenth (13th) chapter. In verse nine (9) the context appears to be God’s judgment. Now we come to one of the most difficult verses in the Bible about rape. Verse 16 teaches that children shall be killed, and wives ravished (raped).

9. Again, if you haven’t read that chapter, before continuing I suggest that you read chapter 13. It appears to be God’s judgment.

10. If you are still there, I will attempt to explain that. But there are some things in the scriptures that I don’t well grasp. But I have learned to believe them.

11. I John 3:4 teaches that sin is the transgression of the law. (I take that to be God’s law.) Romans 3:23 teaches that we have all sinned (or transgressed the law of God). Romans 6:23 teaches that the wages of sin is death. We all deserve to die by God’s high standard. God shows us mercy by allowing us to live. Not to diminish rape, although it is bad I think that it is less than death. But some victims might choose and have chosen death rather than rape. [The American Supreme Court judges ought to ponder that when they refuse to allow the death penalty for rape because of what they think the eighth (8th) amendment means. I commented on that amendment in paragraph 36 of my article called, Lakewoodites for McCartney. The present lack of sufficient judgment by contrast shows the superiority of a theocracy.]

12. Galatians 6:7 teaches that we reap that which we sow. Some women have copulated badly, such as by committing fornication, adultery, or whoredom. There is a death penalty for most if not all of those. Consider Romans 1:28-32, Leviticus 20:10, and Deuteronomy 23:17 (Consider that with the sodomy of that verse; and see the link to the death penalty for that in Leviticus 20:13.).

13. It therefore appears to me that if such a woman is raped, it could be God’s judgment against her. If the woman lives, she has been shown mercy, because we all deserve to die for our sins.

14. I think that I read that rape is about power. (I don’t know if all rape is about that.) In modern America, a country that has basically disregarded the law of God and the rest of God’s scriptures during the past few decades in the world outside of the walls of church buildings, and marginalised them (the scriptures) to be meaningless pertaining to public life and the government, women are erroneously treated as though they are men. We have two headed monsters in American marriages, which too often end in divorce. But God’s divine plan is that the man is the head of the woman according to I Corinthians 11:3 and Ephesians 5:22-24.

15. For a tangent, to help marriages last it is important that men not abuse their God given headship. Husbands are to love their wives according to Ephesians 5:25. To violate that is to oppose the one that made them the head of the wife.

16. If rape is sometimes or always about power, women can help by being submissive when men aren’t abusive. Consider I Corinthians 7:15. And men can help by not being abusive. Consider I Corinthians 7:3.

17. God can use any tool that he chooses for his purpose. He can use his people. And he can use bad persons that are not of him, such as using a murderer to kill a capital criminal whose crime was not witnessed by a sufficient number of witnesses. But because such a bad person (tool) violated God’s law, that sinner is to then be punished according to the law of God.

18. We do a similar thing. We use tissue paper for our purposes, then refuse it. God has done that type of thing.

19. A famous example of that is the biblical story of the Jews, and the Chaldeans under the king of Babylon. When the Jews disobeyed God’s commandments, he punished his people by another people, even (which were) the Chaldeans under the king of Babylon. But because Babylon was bad, and when that Babylonian king’s son Belshazzar lifted himself up against God, God then judged Babylon by taking away Belshazzar’s kingdom by other peoples. See Isaiah 13:1,9,17, II Kings 24:1-4, II Chronicles 36:5-21, Psalm 137:8, and Daniel 5:17-31.

20. God is sovereign. He can do what he will, and is not subject to your opinion or mine.

21. Therefore although a rapist could be used by God to punish a bad woman, that does not excuse the raper. As God punished the Chaldeans, which he used to punish his people of the old testament, so a ravisher can be used of God to punish a bad woman; but then be subject to God’s judgment, which men are to execute (enforce) if they can. Otherwise God shall judge.

22. Because ravishment is not a simple assault, but involves erotic excitement, (and can produce inappropriate pregnancies,) women can help to protect themselves by dressing and acting modestly. Women ought to know that by dressing and acting in an immodest way that that can excite a man. Although a man ought to control himself, women need to know that they can present themselves in such a way that they make themselves almost irresistible to men. There is a natural attraction. Women ought not to abuse that power that they have over men. Consider Proverbs 6:25 and 7:21 and I Corinthians 7:4.

23. According to Deuteronomy 19:15 two (2) or three (3) witnesses are required to punish. Although there are not enough witnesses to some sins or crimes for man to judge, sinners are not going to get away with any thing. For the Judge of all the earth shall eventually judge rightly. See Genesis 18:25, Romans 14:12, Hebrews 10:31 and 12:29.

24. To help to decrease or stop this problem of rape is not going to be simple pertaining to that which ought to be done on the one hand. But on the other it is simple. Simply, our society ought to obey the scriptures. That is one reason why we ought to have a theocracy. But establishing a theocratic society and government is not going to be easy: (Some of the people oppose God.) but it ought to be done. Persons that won’t submit to God’s rule are part of the problem. Ungodly selfish inconsiderate persons (elements found in rapists) that would rather tolerate the present amount of rape of women so that they can live their God given lives their way, rather than God’s way, do not deserve to live in this society, or any society.

25. Although men do not have a right to take a woman or girl by force, the females have a responsibility to obey God as much as they can, because it is right, and to help to protect themselves. That means that fornication is to be stopped. There shall be no adultery. Whores are not to commit their whoredom. Strippers are to be unemployed. Both girls and women are to act and dress modestly. And the entertainment industry is to be cleaned up. (Polluting our society under the guise of the first amendment to the American constitution can be allowed by some gullible, if not unjust, Supreme Court judges; but it doesn’t pass by me, nor God. See Revelation 3:18. During apartheid, the somewhat Christian government of the Republic of South Africa had the good sense to ban pornography.)

26. To do what we can to solve this festering problem of rape requires a radical changing and exaltation of our society. We need a godly biblical society, such as praying and Bible reading in the public schools, and posting the ten commandments in the same. Irreverence and immorality are to cease. Idolatrous damaging diversity (such as welcoming immorality) is to be destroyed.

27. One reason why I promote theocracy other than for my love of God, is that I like, care about, and love women. [That’s a general statement. Although I have Christian love (care) for women, I find some women to be personally repulsive.]

28. If you women have stayed with me so far, my thanks to you. I suppose for some of you that it hasn’t been easy. Women have a part to play in this matter. Now it’s the men’s turn.

29. Men, being creatures and under the Creator, have a responsibility to behave themselves in a godly way. There is no excuse for rape. A man’s body is such that if he becomes aroused, he does not need to involve any other body to get relief, or he can choose to bear the lust according I Corinthians 10:13. Although I am not promoting lust and the release of erotic frustration, it is worse to take a female (whether a girl or woman) by force (against her will). One way to handle the burden of lust is to not handle it. By that I mean to not pick up that burden. Consider the advice of the word of God and Christ, who did no sin, according to Psalm 37:27, Matthew 11:28-30, and I Peter 2:21-22. To be blunt, men, make an effort to not look at a woman’s chest, or her back side, or her legs. And if you do, swiftly shift your eyes, then turn your head, and think of something else.

30. A man has the option of treating a woman better than she deserves. But he may not treat her worse. If the women and girls do their part by attiring themselves modestly, acting modestly, making a man wait for marriage before going to bed with him, (See Hebrews 13:4.) being faithful to him, acting in a chaste and godly manner, and not teasing a man before marriage, to reciprocate the men ought to honour that by keeping their bodies to themselves until marriage. And if any man doesn’t, we ought to honour such godly females by having a desire to appropriately punish such a man.

31. Although I do not necessarily favour lynching, (It is illegal by man’s present laws.) if a people (group) doesn’t have a righteous desire to properly punish rapists, we need to get that desire. See Matthew 5:6. (That’s an example of reading one verse in a public school, without a denominational comment, that can rightly guide children.) And the government (all three branches) ought to do its job well so that we the people won’t feel a need to take matters into our hands. A righteous desire ought to go through our elected representatives in the various legislatures, and be manifested in good laws that are based on the scriptures, if the scriptures are not directly executed (enforced). And the judges ought to get and keep a mind that realises the superiority of theonomy (God’s law).

32. Although at least two (2) witnesses are required to punish by God’s standard, my hope is that if we become a godly society, we are not going to have as many rapes as we have presently. I heard that about one quarter (1/4) to a third (1/3) of the women, if not more, are sexually assaulted in America. That is outrageous and unacceptable. One (1) is too many. See Judges 19 & 20 (chapters nineteen and twenty). Something rightly ought to be done about that. Locking rapists up in prison, away from some of us angry citizens, to be washed, clothed, and housed, supported by the tax payers, is not the best answer.

33. Now we come to a part that I like, (Consider Psalm 37:28.) which is the punishment of rapists. But before I get into that, I would tell of a man that I talked with that did something better. I was talking with him years ago during the night when he was outside, and I was inside of my apartment. We heard a woman yell or scream. He ran over to see what that was about. When he came back, he told me that a woman was being raped. But he stopped it. (I wish that I did that.) I of course thanked him.

34. If a rapist is brazen enough to rape a woman before two (2) witnesses or more, how are we to punish that pervert? For years I leaned on the beating punishment found in Deuteronomy 25:1-3, which is better than protecting rapers from an angry public, and providing for them. But something in me desired to kill rapists. Hebrews 8:10 teaches that God’s law is written in our hearts. (That is not to be mistaken for doing whatever our hearts desire, such as sinning against God, when considering Jeremiah 17:9.)

35. I searched the scriptures looking for a scriptural authority to do that which my heart desired. Some scriptures that I found were Genesis 34, (of which I am not sure whether it was fornication or ravishment,) Judges 19 and 20, and II Samuel 13. Although they express that death occurred to rapists, (or a fornicator,) I was looking for a divine mandate or something like that.

36. In Deuteronomy 22:23-27 I found that a man that forces a betrothed woman is to be put to death; because such a betrothed damsel is as good as married. That constitutes adultery by the man, the penalty of which is death according to Leviticus 20:10. And that he forced her doesn’t help him. But I wondered about an unbetrothed female that was raped.

37. One scripture that occurred to me was found in I Samuel 15:23, part of which says, For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry. I would say that rape can probably be classified within rebellion in that it is copulation without marriage, with the added offence that it goes against a woman’s will. The penalty for witchcraft is death according to Exodus 22:18. By comparison I think that I could use that to promote the death penalty for rapists.

38. When I was looking in the scriptures to write a law or ordinance against fornication, (to possibly propose to a legislature,) I think that I basically found what I was looking for. The apostle Paul gave a list of sins in Romans 1. At the end in verse 32 he wrote that they which commit such things are worthy of death. Among those sins fornication was mentioned in verse 29. Also among them sodomy was mentioned in verse 27. I know from the divine law in Leviticus 20:13 that the penalty for sodomy is death. That provided a link of those sins in Romans 1 to the law.

39. Usually rape is forced fornication or adultery. (I heard of a case of a married man that raped his wife, which is inconsistent with I Corinthians 7:3, Ephesians 5:25 and Romans 13:10.) Because I can use the scriptures to support the death penalty for both adultery and fornication, I can use the scriptures to support the death penalty for rape. [That is meaningful; for the scriptures are of God, (See II Timothy 3:16-17.) and are therefore higher than that which man issues. If you would issue blather about the separation of church and state so called, I suggest that you read my article called, Lakewoodites for McCartney.]

40. Although I can sympathise with a man’s desire to be with a woman, I do not sympathise with a rapist. Considering the divine authority of the scriptures, and that the scriptures are God’s expressed will in writing, I therefore promote the death penalty for rapists. But that could be difficult; for a woman at a rape crisis center told me that in about 80% of the cases of sexual assault, the female knows her attacker, which sometimes is a family member; and that talk of killing such a rapist won’t help the woman be healed. But some would have such a family member killed, and believe that to be healing. Although I sympathise with the victims, the important thing is the superior person, which is God. Obeying him is more important. Permanently ridding our society of rapists is God’s will, and shall therefore be better for the women and girls. And producing better persons by exposing them to the scriptures can help.

41. Attempting to think of the earliest memory that I have of rape, I remember watching something on television when I was a boy of a deaf man in one room, and a man in another room with a woman. He was raping her. Her face showed displeasure. Clearly she opposed what he was doing to her. He, a physically stronger creature, was forcing her. It was against her will. It was a selfish and inconsiderate act against a female. It touched my heart and mind. I was repulsed, and sensitised. When I saw a woman act in such a way that a victim probably would, I got an idea of what a woman goes through when she is raped. It caused me to oppose rape more than before watching it. It helped to give me an hatred for rape and rapists. See Psalm 97:10.

42. A girl ought to be able to grow up without being inappropriately touched by a boy. She ought to plan to save her virginity for her husband. No man is to touch her until then, and then only her husband. Before and after a female’s marriage, concerning lust, other than her husband after marriage, boys and men are to keep their bodies, eyes, words, and thoughts away from her. Consider the sound counsel of the Son of God in Matthew 5:27-28. That followed similar counsel of his Father in Exodus 20:14,17 of the ten (10) commandments.

43. A man is to use his physical strength to protect the women in his life. A man may not abuse that superior strength to take a woman by force, and do that which is reserved by God for an husband and wife.

44. But some men take a woman by force, with little or no thought of loving her or providing for her. They selfishly use that woman for their perverted desire unlawfully without her permission. The trauma is bad enough that the woman experiences. But inconsiderately some rapists, not being enough of a man to face their punishment, kill the woman that they just briefly used.

45. I don’t think that we ought to overthink punishment. We ought to reserve some for God. But to establish and maintain God’s order on the earth that he created, by obeying and enforcing his law, we ought to do what we can. How do we rightly (scripturally) punish a rapist that raped and killed his victim? I talked with a rape victim about that. Based on that talk, because a person can usually only be killed once, I think that we ought to beat the rapist for the rape based on Deuteronomy 25:1-3, then execute the sentence of death for the murder based on Numbers 35:29-34. The expense of money and emotions waiting for a decade or two to do that is not God’s way. Rapists are to be judged forthwith according to Ecclesiastes 8:11.

46. A woman can be counselled by her parents about her future after they helped her along her way to becoming a woman. Her mother bore her, and nursed her, and cleaned her when she was a little girl. She was taught to speak. And she played. She went to school and learned to read. Perhaps her mother taught her to bake. She was active in high school. Hopefully she met a man that loved her, and that she loved. Maybe they married, and happily had children. Then another man came upon her in our civilised society so called, placed his hands on her, (which he had no rightful business doing,) and disregarded her, her children, her husband, her parents, the law of God, and God.

47. That woman was a man’s and a woman’s daughter, someone’s coworker, helper, friend, girlfriend, cousin, niece, aunt, sister, granddaughter, wife, or mother. It took years of providing for and training by her parents, and loving by the same. And to think that there are on this earth some men that individually take such an one by force for his brief pleasure, and then end that life that he swiftly used, such maculators are not to be allowed to continue to use God’s earth. Rapists are not to see a sunrise, or to hear the birds sing or the laugh of a child, or to hear an orchestra or choir, or enjoy food and drink, or a cool breeze on a warm summer day, or a fire on a cold winter night, or to breathe the air created by the Creator. And whether the selfish rapists killed the women victims or not, they definitely are not to behold the marvelous creature called woman, nor hear her sweet voice.

48. Those raping violators, whether they are also murderers or not, are to be apprehended, tried, testified against, and publicly put to death by stoning by the people locally. Those rapists are to be openly destroyed for the people to see, and that the land be cleansed of those that acted contrary to God’s clearly expressed will.

49. Death to rapists.

Edward M. McCartney

Lakewood, Ohio

Posted on September 17 anno Domini 2009.

This third (3rd) edition was revised on December 8 A. D. 2009.



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