Praising God for women.

Praising God for women.

1. Before continuing in this article or any article in this blog, I recommend that you read the article entitled, Lakewoodites for McCartney: (which was originally written when I was running for a seat on the city’s council,) otherwise the paragraphs that are numbered 2 – 5, and 77 – 78, and 81 of that article. But persons ought to know that they (and you) are responsible, (although some act recklessly,) and ought to act responsibly. If you choose to only read those seven (7) paragraphs, for your convenience you may read the page called, Preface.

2. Some women are difficult to understand. I have attempted to do so without success in some cases. Some things that I think that both men and women ought to do is to seek God’s will in the scriptures, and obey it, (including times when unchristian media programmers are programming minds to disobey God’s word,) and to communicate with each other better in an effort to understand each other better.

3. Some scriptures that both genders might read and ponder are Ephesians 5:17-33, I Corinthians 7:1-6 and 11:3,9, and the Song of Solomon, if not all of the scriptures (Bible) of the King James Version. To depart from any of the scriptures is to begin a journey down a slippery slope. Alas, that unsafe journey has begun here in America.

4. I think that the natural attraction of a man to a woman and a woman to a man ought to be properly satisfied within marriage according to Hebrews 13:4, and other scriptures.

5. No one ever had to tell me to be attracted to females. I remember being attracted to the opposite gender when I was a boy in Lincoln elementary school, in Lakewood. It was (and is) an healthy, normal and natural attraction.

6. I remember the first (1st) time that I kissed a girl. I was in kindergarten. When I and a former girlfriend first kissed each other, we were both in kindergarten. It was an expression of a natural attraction and affection. I liked it. And I liked her. It was good clean fun, and enjoyable. I recommend it. That’s the way it ought to be.

7. Some years later in the same elementary school there was an attractive teacher (A woman of course.) in our class. She was seated at her desk. I think that she was wearing a pink outfit that included a skirt. When she crossed her legs, that was so attractive that I basically couldn’t stand it. Another boy also noticed that. We had the same thought. We were not going to allow that beautiful woman to do that in our presence without naturally expressing ourselves. Therefore we conspired to whistle at her at a certain moment. (We probably counted to three.) We then gave her the beautiful whistle amongst our classmates. And she, being pleased, immediately verbally thanked us, with a smile.

8. It was fun. The attraction was normal, natural and wholesome. We liked looking at a beautiful creature of God. And she obviously liked the expressed appreciation from males, even though we were boys.

9. Before I continue, I will comment about that which I have written. I think that we males, whether boys or men, ought to control ourselves. I am not necessarily implying that we ought to act like lechers, and publicly whistle at a woman because she is pretty. I prefer that we be reserved, and act like gentlemen. And I think that women ought to attire themselves modestly, lest they bring out such a reaction in school boys or men.

10. I’m simply candidly revealing that at that point in my life, it was almost more than I could handle. At that moment I basically felt that I had to show my appreciation for a beautiful woman. And I did. I don’t regret it. And I am glad that I did it.

11. Thanks to God, and some beautiful creatures, my life was started off on the right foot. I think that a boy or man being attracted to women is normal, healthy, and right, and a compliment to women, and to the Creator. I like the attraction. I like women. And I appreciate God for creating woman.

12. Candidly a man can be attracted to a woman physically, which is not necessarily wrong. But if that is all that the attraction is, it probably shan’t be enough for a marriage, which is to be a life long commitment. Not to imply that I prefer a woman that is out of a proper shape, if a woman takes the time and makes an effort to work on her personality, is considerate of others, deferential, submissive to her man, and generally is obedient to her Creator, (God) my opinion is that if her face is plain or average, or better, and if her body isn’t too heavy, she is more attractive than a hot bodied, immodestly dressed, large breasted female.

13. To be frank, I like well developed breasts. Some women flaunt their’s by showing cleavage, which is difficult for a man to resist, if he can. It is easy for a woman to do that. All she has to do is wear a top that is low cut. But if that is the only asset that a woman has, although it is quite attractive, it is not enough.

14. Most if not all of the women that I have been seriously attracted to have been small breasted. I think that the reason for that is that a well breasted woman does not have to work on her personality to attract a man. (I am not implying that all well breasted women have shallow personalities.) Unless a woman has other physical assets, a small breasted woman has to take the time and make the effort to cultivate a decent personality to attract a man.

15. A kind, warm hearted, godly woman is more attractive than a sexy female that immodestly shows her cleavage, and has a personality that is unsubmissive, selfish, inconsiderate, demanding, unreliable, incredible, and misleading.

16. A body is valuable as far as the eye can see. But a decent and loyal personality has value when a man cannot see with his eyes the body that houses that personality (when the man and woman are not in the presence of each other). See Proverbs 31:10-12.

17. When a woman dresses and acts modestly, that makes her more attractive in a higher way. I think more highly of a woman when she attires herself in such a way, and acts properly.

18. I have a story to tell about seeing a modestly attired female when I was aged 26 years. I won’t give all of the details, which are beside the point.

19. In October of 1985 I was with a group on a tour of the land of Israel, and some other countries of the near east and mediterranean area. We were in Jerusalem; and I was looking for a restroom. Someone directed me to a building. (Since then I have come to think that it was an Islamic school for girls.) The stairway seemed old, like something that one might have seen a few hundred or thousand years ago. As I was ascending the stairway, I saw a young modestly attired woman, which I took to be a Muslim. I think that she was probably reading a Qur’an by an opening in the stairway, which let light in. I attempted to ask directions; but spoke English. I suppose that she spoke Arabic. I don’t remember her face well. But I think that it was okay. I think that the only skin of her body that I saw was her face and hands. I think that she was wearing a long black garment, with various colours. Her comportment was modest and chaste. I was struck by her modest beauty. It was almost like I was transported back in time about two thousand (2000) years.

20. Other than seeing some biblical places, that was one of my fondest memories of my trip to the land of Israel.

21. Some of you American women have little or no idea how attractive you can be. But it takes character, time, study, and work. If you take the time (about 20 – 25′ per day) to read the Christian Bible of both old and new testaments, you could rid yourselves of some of your silly nonjudgmental attitudes that some of you have; and defer to others. If you treat others the way you would be treated, with kindness, and be submissive rather than selfishly demanding, you can attract decent men. Consider Matthew 7:12, I Corinthians 11:3, and Ephesians 5:22.

22. I like it when girls dress and act like girls, and when women dress and act like women rather than harlots, or otherwise. See Proverbs 7:10, Deuteronomy 22:5, Jeremiah 3:3, Proverbs 31, and I Timothy 2:9-10.

23. Men can be friends. And for some conversations it seems that it takes a man to know a man. And for those conversations, and certain experiences, men being together is something that only men can relate to and with each other about. And that is proper.

24. But the relationship that a man and a woman have with each other is a bit different. That relationship can be, is, and ought to be, closer. I feel that I can open up more to a woman because of the potentially close relationship that can develope. I feel more comfortable sharing what is on my heart with a woman. I suppose that a reason for that is that God created woman for man. See I Corinthians 11:9.

25. God created man in his own image. And from man he made a woman. From a man’s point of view, woman is one of God’s best creatures or creations. When God made woman, he did an excellent job. The way that God formed woman physically, personally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is wonderful. She is meet (appropriate) for a man. See Genesis 2:18. It is proper that she stand before him to meet him.

26. I like the way that some women move. I think that the voices that some women have is lovely. And the smile of some women is wholesome and sweet. A fine woman can have a positive and helpful effect on a decent man, which can make him happy. Such a woman can be used of God to help to bring the best out of such a man.

27. I think that there are various ways that God can show his love for us. One way is the sacrifice of his obedient Son for our disobedience according to John 3:16 and I Peter 3:18 and other scriptures. Another indication that God loves us is his well stocked creation. And I think that a way that God can love a man is by a woman. She is a marvelous gift of God. Woman is one of some reasons why I love our Creator.

28. I think that woman is magnificent, especially when she is walking scripturally. (See Deuteronomy 6:1-7; 7:9-15; 10:12-13 and 28:1-4, and other scriptures.) I therefore think that those are some reasons why God ought to be thanked, worshipped, praised, honoured, and obeyed. See John 14:15.

29. My thanks to you for taking time from your busy schedule to read this article. But my words are secondary. I suggest that you read God’s words by reading the scriptures that are referred to.

Edward M. McCartney

Cleveland, Ohio

Posted on February 14 anno Domini 2012.



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